Advanced Uninstaller Pro Free Download for Windows 7/10/11 PC

Advanced Uninstaller Pro free download because it is a free software removal tool that completely removes stubborn programs, removes browser add-ons, and toolbars. Deleting programs can be a chore at times. If we ignore them, they can end up creating a mess that will slow down your computer.

Here you can easily download Advance Uninstaller Pro free of cost for your Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7. Here we are sharing a direct link to download the required files. Check all the details right here for an advanced uninstaller pro download. Furthermore, you may enjoy Magoshare Uninstaller Free Download.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro Free Download for Windows

Advanced Uninstaller Pro Free Download for Windows 11 in 2022

When you uninstall a program it can actually delete that file, but when you run the scan you will be amazed how much damage you get from deleting all the remaining files and folders. Also available as a mobile version.

Download and install the latest version 12.25 Advanced Uninstaller Pro for Windows. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions). Here we have a video downloader for you here.

Enhance performance for a faster, cleaner, and more secure PC!

Uninstaller programs: removes unwanted programs, program history, and corrupted entries from the registry. The installed program can also be sorted by name, size and comments. Further specifications such as the software manufacturer last used, the installation time and, in particular, the file size of the software can be viewed in the detail area.

Supervised Installations: Advanced uninstaller free download because this tool enables you to track the installation of an application and generate an installation report so that you can later use this installation report to completely remove any application.

Startup Manager: This program manages programs that run when Windows starts. You can reduce your computer’s startup time by not running trivial programs.

Service Manager: Services that run in the background of your computer are managed by this tool. You can speed up your computer by disabling services that you do not need.

Start menu cleaner: This function detects and removes all duplicate and broken shortcuts from the start menu and the desktop. Manages your files and registry.

Duplicate Files: Advanced Uninstaller Free Tool finds and deletes duplicate files on your hard drive. These files can be null or have empty directories. Removing them can save a lot of disk space.

Live File Compression: Files are compressed using a compression algorithm to reduce files that take up disk space. Even so, it is still out of the reach of the average person to own one.

File Shredder: One Step Beyond Deleting Files! This feature prevents files from being recovered or recovered even with sophisticated computer forensic tools.

Windows temporary files: Many programs bypass temporary files and quickly fill up your hard drive space. This can slow down your computer. You can use this wizard to delete all listed Windows temporary files.

Registry Cleaner: Searches for damaged and invalid registry entries. Once you find it, it will troubleshoot it. It can fix many Windows errors including registry errors and file system problems.

Registry Optimization: This feature improves the uptime of your computer. Improves the response time of the computer. It also prevents registry and file corruption.

Registry Backup and Restore: If, for example, there is a system failure, registry failure, and critical system files, this tool will help with recovery. After creating a backup, the program can still be installed or restored, even if it has been deleted.


Advanced Uninstaller Pro also protects your online privacy by controlling everything internet related with its web browser tools. Deletes cookies, all websites you have visited and temporary internet files such as confidential data, emails and more after downloading from Safe Files.

It also clears toolbars, plugins, and extensions to make sure no one is intruding on your privacy. This uninstaller will also delete any plugins and URLs entered in the address bar. This tool works with various web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

By default, Advanced Uninstaller Pro enables special options such as automatically checking for updates, clearing active screens and the daily monitor status of your computer monitor. You can turn them all off.

This remover supports multiple languages ​​including Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish and many more. When uninstalling, Advanced Uninstaller Pro allows you to scan your hard drive and registry to find any remaining program files that are nothing left off.


The trial version of Advanced Uninstaller Pro gives you access to all the advanced features imposed by other removers and, through its advanced and deep scans, not only removes the program but all remaining files from the hard drive space, it also destroys your hard drive. The computer is easier, Cleaner, faster. Advanced Uninstaller Pro can back up a program so that it can be undone even if the uninstall is installed.

A great tool is a full software uninstaller for Windows that keeps track of all the changes that were made during the software installation. This is one of the best removal software tools that permanently remove sensitive files by deleting the registry to improve them and remove unwanted programs.

The intuitive, modern and user-friendly interface enables quick and easy navigation in the application functions. As already mentioned, Advanced Uninstaller Pro strikes a good balance between a good range of functions and a user-friendly interface. Advanced uninstaller download and make your work easy.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro Full Version Free Download

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