Dead Pixel Buddy for PC Free Download

Dead Pixel Buddy for Windows PC is a small but powerful software for identifying any type of dead pixels on an LCD screen. The best choice for saving time and money without having to install and take up a small amount of hard disk space in the operating system.

Features of Dead Pixel Buddy

Dead Pixel

The LCD screen consists of almost 4 million pixels on 1024 × 768 screens with three colors such as red, blue, green valves. These valves control the light source. As the light continues, the pixels will display a different color on the monitor. Pixels are bound in the form of each image displayed on the screen. A dead pixel is a defective shape of each pixel that provides incorrect color output. It may be a black spot rather than another color instead of the original image color.

Dead Pixel Buddy Process

Pixelbuddy App works in a simple way, just select any color and the application will display the color in full screen, allowing you to detect dead or solid pixels. You must change the automatic transfer time cycle value because you will not be able to identify defective pixels on the first try. It is important to change the process to different colors because dead pixels often look different.

Windows compatible

Due to the different compatibility of all types of devices, the application has special compatibility with all types of Windows ———- Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP, common operating systems for running the application are smooth and reliable. . In addition, it requires 32-bit and 64-bit settings.


Dead Pixel Buddy is licensed as freeware available for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating systems on laptops and PCs without restrictions and is offered to all users of the software as a free download. It belongs to the category of Windows test and performance.

Key properties

  • A small application for identifying dead or damaged pixels on an LCD screen contains
  • almost 4 million pixels on 1024 × 768 screen
  • It consists of three colors such as red, blue, green valves
  • Use the time cycle value to identify dead pixels
  • Windows compatible
  • Free

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