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With modern phones that are able to capture very strong images, you may be looking for an effective way to manage. Digikam 7.5.0 is the best Digikam photo manager that specially designed app for those who want to save them and manage their images. Organize your collection with different sources, you can enter photos from your computer, digitally and organize them in groups. You may also see images and improve your functions using different tools. You can run DigiKam on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. It is compatible with 32 bit and 64-bit architecture.

DigiKam Review 2022

In addition, you can add them to a slideshow or create a calendar and share them on social media sites or photography. Digikam shows a well-designed location that is easy to move and you just have to take a few minutes to use it.

This will allow you to organize your photos in albums that you can customize in terms of address, category, title, and date. Manage and edit images as soon as add images to the album, you can view them in mini images, previews, access to descriptive data, colors, drawings, and images.

If you are a photographer, it’s easy to know why the solution is very important to put good pages. Helps you manage the files more comfortably without going to big bands. Digikam will give you an improved marker function along with addresses and choices that allow you to add views, and it’s very easy to search images with a specific model.

Digikam also comes with a strong Digikam photo editor, you can improve the appearance and quality of the images you have. This tool offers color and modification, repair, painting, reducing noise, cutting, size, format, decoration and can also add different technical effects. They are all visually and easy to use. If you are a type of user who shares online images, you have a very big smile on your face when you see the number of export options provided by Digikam. You can upload images to 23, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Facebook, and more.


As the above watch and much more to discover about digikam, securely say that it can definitely get everything you need to keep a flawless image set.

digiKam Features

More than 1200 digital camera devices
Serial link
USB connection
USB / IEEE storage combination
Automatically connect to the camera using HAL / KDE services
Import images from digital cameras are still. Supported operations include:
Remove images
Upload a Photo
Lock images
Cars renamed during imports
Auto-rotating images during imports
Auto creativity album during imports
Losing placement during imports
Advanced camera information

DigiKam View:

Supports more formats 300 Royal Raw Camera Files
Easily similar images using table light: Compare
Display files together
Sync with wash and zoom
Navigation by husband
Supports RAW files
Digikam to the core image editor and filter photo support 16 bits dear depth (RAW, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000)
Quick preview mode interface album built with zoom and laundry characteristics


Export to HTML Export to Flash, 23, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, and Piwigo
Import / Export to Facebook, shwup
Export to ZOOOOMR, site, KML, local directories, or remote computer through KIO protocols (FTP, SSH, SHMB, Fish, SVN, TAR)
Send pictures via email


To the wizard’s agenda
Print wizard
Create a slideshow


Quick image editor with keyboard shortcuts and editing / public images without losing metadata. The functions in the image editor are:
16-bit support of color image information. The initial image camera support.

Chart viewerColor management support.
International Criminal Court to implement reforms advanced color profiles in images
ICC definition viewers
Export the image size
Remove photos from an album now
Comments editing
Characteristics of image files
Printing images
Red-Eye Correction
Brightness / Contrast / Gamma Correction
Heavy / saturation / correction
Color balance
Automatic Color Tools Patch: Normal / tie / Auto levels / contrast stretch
Blur / Sharpen
The growing relationship between aid and development tools based on Fibonacci base
Making for free
Black and turn of the curve
DIGI Cam image editor using the extensions add new functions:
Set the tool manually chart levels
Password Curve tool to adjust the color image using curves
Noise filtering based on algorithms for noise reduction
Liquid Scale: resize content to change the aspect ratio while maintaining the contents intact
Domestic variety of tools to retrieve definition enamor HDR- of light and shadow while maintaining local contrast
Mask blur filter to image noise without increasing UNBLUR
DISTY lens tool to the lens spherical aberration right on the photo
Add Restriction: Tool to add a decorative frame around the image
Hot Pixel Patch tool to remove hot pixels by a defective camera
Channel mixer: a color mixing tool
White Balance: White balance tool to adjust the color temperature of the image
Color image: a tool to remove an unwanted image area using a library CIMG
Re-focus image editor in chief clearly re-focus
FX: Special passes distortion effects on the image
Rotating freely: Plug in the corner free image rotation in degrees
Cutting tool: Cutting plug for horizontal and vertical image
Perspective tool plugin to adjust perspective Photo
Blue Photo: Plug for inflation less image quality photos without using a library CIMG
Image Restoration Tools to reduce images using a library CIMG
Mushrooms: a tool for mold fungi in Photos
Insert text tool to insert text below the image
Apply textures: textures for decorative application tools
Fatiha: a tool for a photo
Color: oil paintings based on the image
Shading tool to remove or add shadow on the image.
Decorative floating effect filter on a picture
Charcoal: charcoal drawing in the simulation in Photos
Film Grain film grain simulation in Photos
Infrared: Infrared film for image simulation
FX blur: Password special effects on the image
Raindrops: Add visual effects due to rain drops on a picture

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