Film Converter Pro 2 Free Download

Film Converter Pro 2 Free Download from here. This converter is used to change the colour of the digital footage to match the film. You can check much more products we are offering via Softonic Apps.



Film Converter Pro 2 Details

For after effect, premiere pro this software is film stock emulation plugin. It gives the colour and grain to the digital footage. When we compare the film with digital then there are many different opinions from the peoples. Over digital, film still had technological advantages. Now there are digital sensor available because of which digital match or exceed from the film stock. Check also Pixellu Smartalbums 2.1.9.

Film Controls

Convert to drop-down select particular stock to be emulated. Size drop-down selects the negative size to emulate. If there are smaller values such as 8mm then fuzzier with large grain and if the values are larger, then have the smaller grain.

For the adjustment of the balance between the colour palette of the original digital camera and film colour palette, the grain slider is used. Grain slider adjusts the grain amount applied to the image. Accurate representation of the grain for the selected film stock is 100 %. You can enjoy Macsome iTunes Converter as well.

For the adjustment of the blur portion for an image, Blur slider is used. Either 8mm or 16mm negative size chose for this.  Before the grain blur process is applied.

Film Converter Pro 2 Free Download

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