OBS Studio Download for Windows 10

Here you will get OBS Studio Download for Windows 10 Softonic. This is software used for video recording and live streaming. It is available free and open-source software. It is released initially on 2012.

The developer of the software is the community. It is available on the operating system of both windows and mac. There are different versions of the software but the latest version is OBS Studio 25.0.4. The software is highly rated in the market due to its numerous features.

The software is free from malware, virus and spyware. It is almost 100 per cent free. It is licensed by Freeware. The total size of the file is 66.33 MB. It is updated last time on 21st March 2020.


Features of OBS Studio For Windows

The software has powerful features that are used in software markets. It has the ability of video recording and live streaming. The software is supported the favourite streaming platforms. It includes twitch and mixer. There is also the option of customization in the software. It allows plug-ins and writing.

There is also the facility of mixing different videos and capturing them. The software has the ability of large change. It transient the pictures or videos with ease. There are hotkeys for options. It enhances the performance of video making or recording. It creates the mixing of different scenes from various sources.

The custom options in the software as setting up infinite numbers of scenes. There are also different filters in the software that helps to adjust the noise conquest and noise gate. Colour correction, effects of filters and image masking are the essential features of the software.

The software has the capacity of adjusting the properties and configuration of the videos easily and powerfully. The streamlines settings in the software also adjust the panel options.

There are wide arrays of configuration tweak for filtering each and every characteristic of the video recording.

Importance of OBS Studio for Windows

There is a great importance of the software as it has diverse features and functions. The ability of OBS to arrange different layout as it can pop the individual dock to windows of the users. The software has the function of changing the scenes of videos or mixes them with ease.

The studio video offers a lot of functions with classic features. It is most common in the various fields of the software industry. It is widely used across the world.

The ability of software to giving the option of multi-view in the software is making it unique in the markets. It is the lightweight and small size of the file. It has increased the performance of the tasks of the professionals to perform their tasks.

Requirements of OBS Studio

There are different requirements according to the needs of a system or software. This software can be downloaded in the Microsoft windows and mac.

The processor of the operating system should be Intel or Dual-core 4. There should be some space in the system for downloading this software. the required memory space of RAM is 4 GB. It is highly recommended often more than 4. There must be some hard disk space in the operating system.

It is available on different websites. It can be installed easily by fulfilling the demands of the software via Safe Files.

Download OBS Studio for Windows 10

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