Microsoft Office 2010 Edition Free Download

This is the software or a complete suite that contains different applications that perform particular tasks. The developer of the software is Microsoft Office 2010.

The total size of the setup is 166 MB. This is an offline setup or installer. It has different versions that come with new features and functions. It is updated frequently with the improvement in its features.

The software is compatible with the operating system of 32 bit and 64 bit. It is released in 2017 with updated functions. The software is safe and secure as it is free from viruses, spyware and malware.

The successor of this software is Microsoft Office 2007 while the predecessor is MS Office 2013.


Features of Microsoft Office 2010

There are diverse and most important features of the software that makes it unique in the software markets. It contains the applications of MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and MS Word.

The portable office of Microsoft 2010 has many improved features that increase its demands in large numbers. This is an easy platform that contains all essential tools used for making spreadsheets, creating text and attractive presentations.

The most valuable feature of this software is the Ribbon based menu. There are custom options in the software handles the ribbons according to the requirements. The other important tool or feature of the software is the backstage view. This view gives access to all essential functions of the software.

There is the ability to edit the contents or images within the documents of the Office. The software has a tool of text control which gives full control over the text and produces the outcome more effective and efficient.

There is the ability to wrap and change the sizes of the images around the text with ease through the use of this software. The software also gives the facility of adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image quickly with few commands.

Significance of Microsoft Office 2010

There is a great value of this software in the software industry due to its vital features and functions. It is rated highly in other competitive software. It is the best office 2010 home and student download opportunity.

It is easy to use and widely known across the world. Professionals and experts are using this software as it makes it easier to perform the tasks with ease.

Attractive presentations can be made easily through the use of this software. MS Excel is also containing different important formulas that deal with the documents easily.

The users have full control over them while making any kind of presentation or spreadsheet. In MS PowerPoint, the software gives an easy platform for making animations and transitions at any desired point of the presentations.

The interface of the software is clear and gives amazing experiences to the users for working effectively.

Requirements for Microsoft office 2010 portable edition fully activated

There are some basic requirements that the PC has to meet before installing or downloading any software or program. For this software, the operating system should have the window of XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

The memory space of the system must be 256 MB RAM. The hard disk space is 1.5 GB required. The processor of the system should be 800 MHz Intel Pentium.

Microsoft Office 2010 Portable Free Download

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