Tekla Structure Download 2017 Free

Tekla Structure is a handy application that is used as a tool for modelling the buildings and their information powerfully. Tekla is the developer of this software or application. There are various new and amazing versions of this application. The version of Tekla Structure 2017 is released in 2018. The full size of the file or setup is 2.6 GB. This application is considered an offline setup or installer. The application is virus tested. This means that it is 100 per cent safe and secure as it is free from viruses, spyware and malware. The application is licensed by freeware that means users can use it with ease for trial.

Features of Tekla Structures

There are many important features and advanced options in this application that make it notable in the software markets. The most interesting feature of this application is creating the designs and different models in their best accuracy and detailing. The interface of this application is a highly organized form. It gives welcoming and friendly experiences to the users. There is strong ability in the application for making the unique models and able to perform all essential tasks with ease. The other exciting feature of this application is managing the fabrications by well planning them for effective and efficient results. There are many important tools in the application that are used for managing the various tasks the organizer in a proper form quickly. There is also the facility of adding the check clash manager. This feature of the application helps in resolving many issues regarding designing and modelling the building inaccuracy. The other important thing of this application is enabling the users for quick analysis of all designs of the structures of the building. There is the ability to make models by the use of BIM and helps the users to perform their tasks inaccuracy.

Functions of Tekla Structures

There are many advantages of this application. The demands of this application are increasing day by day with the development in its features and functions. This application is easy to use and quick in performing its features fully. The application also gives the chance to the users for working in a group or team and achieve the tasks by planning them properly. This application provides the platform for an accurate and detailed environment for effective working. There are many tasks that can be easily achieved without wasting the time by the use of this application. It enables the engineers for designing the structures of buildings with ease.


In order to install or download this software, there are some important requirements that should be acknowledged. There must be an operating system of 32 bit and 64 bit. The software is also supported in the operating system of windows and mac. There must be enough memory space, for this, it should be 2 GB RAM. The hard disk space in the operating system for using this software must be 200 MB free space. The processor of the system must be Intel Pentium. KOF is one of the leading sources offering users the best services.

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