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There are many products which are not so common among users. Very few people knew about the details of each and every product. Here you can download Xender for PC which is free of cost. For the sharing of the data between 2 devices, it is the best application. Xender is compatible for 32 bits and 64 bits OS.

For the transferring of files between 2 devices, there are many applications available in the market. Xender app is one of the best apps for the transferring of files between 2 devices. From the application, users can send their files of different size easily between 2 devices. Xender supports all the types of files that include movies, videos, music, and so on. You can install Xender on Windows, Android, and IOS smartphones. There is no dedicated version available for the mac.

Over the wireless connection, without using the LAN, you can connect 2 computers through Xender. Through this application, you can connect the PC with your android mobile. So you can transfer your file from mobile to your computer and vice versa without using the vires and USB.


How to use Xender For PC?

When you launch the Xender on your computer then it automatically starts to look for the connection. To connect the mobile with the computer without USB cables you need to launch this app.

Then click the start button after opening this app and it will start looking for the available connection. If the connection is available then both device pair through this application and then you can exchange the files between these 2 devices.

Features of Xender PC

  • This app is free to use.
  • This app enables users to connect 2 devices through wireless media. You can exchange the files between two devices without a LAN connection.
  • This app uses to connect the computer to an android phone.
  • As compared to the LAN connection and BlueTooth connection, the transferring speed of data from one device to another device is very high.
  • The interface of this application is very simple due to which it is easy to use for new users as well as professionals.
  • For the operation of this app, there is no need for the internet.

How to Download On Windows 7/8/10

If you have the problem downloading the Xender for your Windows computer then get help from here. Because there are the steps of downloading the Xender available below by following which you can easily download this.

  • You click the download button available on the screen which redirects you to the Windows store.
  • On the Windows store webpage, you need to click the Get App button after the process of download start.
  • After the completion of the download of this app, double click the xender.exe.file.
  • Popup menu appears now and the user needs to select the run button from the popup menu.
  • Click the yes button then and accept the license agreement.
  • After that, you need to follow all the instructions given on the screen, and you will be good to go.

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